Reception Desks

First impressions matter.

The reception desk is the first thing people see when they enter your office. It’s the face of your company. So it’s essential that you have the correct one for your workplace or organisation.

Your reception desk should reflect your brand, your office style and your company’s culture.

We have an exciting selection of top quality reception desks ranging from sleek, modern executive reception counters and attractive contemporary styles to more minimalist designs. And with our wide range of colours, sizes and options, you’ll be able to find a desk that makes the perfect first impression.

We have two main categories of reception desks: operator and deluxe.

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Operator reception desks

Our operator reception desks are designed to be highly functional working desks as well as attractive statement pieces that create a good first impression of your business. We have operator reception desks to suit all types of workplace and with our extensive range of colours, sizes and design options, you can be sure that your reception desk will tie in with its surroundings and all other office reception furniture.

All of our operator reception desks make optimal use of your available reception space with customisable options for integrated storage as well as lighting, signage and practical solutions for cables and wire management. Not only will our operator reception desks create the right image for your workplace, but these sturdy and affordable pieces of office furniture will also stand the test of time.

Deluxe reception desks

Our superior selection of deluxe reception desks are all about creating a professional, polished yet welcoming front of house for your business. Combining excellent design with high functionality, our deluxe range features desks which are both versatile and beautiful to look at. We have something to suit all workplaces where luxury furniture is required.

As with our range of operator reception desks, our deluxe range can also be designed to make maximum use of your available reception space. And naturally, the deluxe range also includes options for storage, custom lighting, signage, cable ports and intelligent wire management.

So what kind of reception desk do you need:

  • A classic office reception desk?
  • A modern reception desk?
  • A small office reception desk?
  • A reception counter?
  • An operator desk?

Each type of reception desk says something different about your business and your brand. And because businesses come in many shapes and sizes, our reception desks are highly adaptable. They can be styled for an extensive range of applications, including professional offices, medical clinics, hair and beauty salons, hotels, sports centres, schools and colleges – indeed, any place where reception services play a vital role!

Talk through your needs with one of our sales consultants today. We’ll find the right match for your business from our range of highly flexible and affordable reception desks. Our desks will help you make the ideal first impression on whoever walks through your door.

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